Got Data?

Machine Learning Freelancer

Machine Learning

Some tasks and decisions are better left to the machines. Many, in fact. However, teaching the machines to do those tasks properly takes deep knowledge, a profound understanding of math and a lot of experience. And sometimes, it can even be a bit of an art. Let me teach your machines to do more for your business.

Information Visualization

Data needs to be visualized to come alive. During the phase of data exploration and analysis, the right visualizations can uncover important aspects about your data. And when presenting your results, communicating information visually in an appealing and concise manner always helps to bring your point across.

Data, I think, is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories.

Steven Levitt

Data is my passion

Data is my passion, below you find ther areas where I can support you.

Data Exploration

Data is at the heart of Machine Leaning. What data is available in your business? What is its quality? Does it support your goal? These questions need to be asked in the beginning. Like an assessment of your data. A crucial step.

Beautiful Data

Whether you are designing a whole new marketing campaign or need to present your latest numbers to the board of directors: Your data can bring your point across best if it is visualized appropriately and beautifully.


Your data wants to tell its story. But a story is not just words, a story is color and images, it is beautiful visualization. A story told the right way supports the data just as the data supports the story. Let me tell the story of your data.

Decision Automation

Analyzing past data to make an educated guess about the future is something that can be taught to machines. And data is everywhere: In processes and signals, in transactions and campaigns, and in many more places.

Text Mining

Much of the worlds information is encoded as text, which is notoriously hard to analyze. Still, we cannot afford to ignore all that information. Be it customer feedback, product descriptions or search queries: Make use of that information.

Idea Generation

You have the data. What will you be able to do with it? How can it help to grow your business? To reach your goals? Brainstorming works best in a team, let me help you advance your business with my experience and expertise.